Monday, 11 August 2014

Massive Buddha Nommin Oms

Original flyer for a gig at The Crescent Salford, 14/08/2014 
Amended flyer by Phoebe Stella Garrick Summers  
(Death to flakey poser Noise artists)                                                             

and some light music, my mates Toz and Gaz making this steamer

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Flyer for a houseshow on the 27th October at my house.

There is an amazing harsh noise producer playing called SVARTVIT

also playing are



...and the mysterious NISKALA that are the best possible love child of traditional Gamelan music
sounding a bit like this...

but only with the disorientating heavy guitar and rhytms that will set you into a transcendental trance.

Hard to describe but come down if your friendly.Should be a really interesting night.Im going to decorate the house and Circus de Manc will be doing fire performance outside.Plus vegan cakes and all round free space vibes.My number is on the flyer.


Thursday, 30 May 2013

A short film documenting the destruction of my degree show peice

After nearly a full year i finished editing this short film documenting the destruction of a large drawing I made over 10 days.Drawn with 0.1 mill posca marker straight onto the wall.The film depicts me sanding it all down and painting it over.The motivations during the piece of work are talked about below.

'The deterritorializing power of the multitude is the productive force that sustains Empire and at the same time the force that calls for and makes necessary its destruction.' Hardt and Negri

Inspired by the politics of the 'multitude', a loosely defined theory by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri in their book 'Empire'.Negri and Hardt describe 'Empire' as globalised free market capitalism how it is today.This all encompassing global megalith has parallels with previous empire's.

-To make a short example - The book offers analogies of supranational institutions like the U.N describing it as a judiciary to legitimise greedy financial persuits, wars and other atrocities.The multitude presents itself as an alternative to that. Without a banner, a slogan or a symbol.It is defined without gender, race, age, hierarchy or any of the divisions imposed on us by 'Empire'.Driven by its own plurality, without ideology, its focus is to present an alternative to this, through the individual.Through difference that it is united.

Apart from the constraint of time I had very little idea of an overall outcome.Before the starting i made experiments at home and in the studio on lining paper.It proved difficult to do anything of any size.When it came to preparing to draw on the wall it was un-even and needed to be sanded all over.I wasn't sure how much could be drawn in the allotted time, so i did the whole wall and gave it two coats of emulsion.

Everyday i set about drawing people, people drawing and drawing more people.Due to the nature of how i was representing people in a stylised way.I was driven to depict the folk as caricatures.Unfortunately caricatures pick out, over exemplify and exploit physical features that Empire tends to use to exploit people .Divisions such as race,gender,age,class are just some of the files that folk can slot nicely into.This became very contradictory because i was trying to represent something that has no defining feature in the context that things are usually defined in.The multitude doesn't have an ideal person or and ideal look or even a slogan only in individuality is it a 'thing' at all.I tried to reflect this were ever possible, whether it be a dimple or the way a character would carry themselves, or the way a character would relate to others.

I found some very interesting things about myself through doing it. The level of conditioning that i have as a 24 year old working class (although thats questionable now with a degree) white male in this world is so vast.A friend pointed out that i was prone to drawing white male's.I tried to overset the balance back again but found increasingly that characters came from my pen were very different to the ideas i thought i had.Some days i walked away from the wall feeling disgusted in myself.

I drew on... until a few hours before the degree show. I never counted the characters or measured the drawing on completion those things weren't important.I tested my politics and found out and made it very public even if it wasn't apparent.More so than anything that i went through it drew and destroyed.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Dragonball Z 666 flyer 2

                                       'Click this text to get to the Faceshit page' DB666 \m/

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


                                   New song of the band that I'm playing drums in OLD SKIN
Thanks to Joe from No studio, Dom from V Rev, Olivcr from Church Of Fuck and  Lawrence for the sweet logo. Can't wait to gig with this band, were playing our first show atBay Horse in Northern Quarter   April 11TH with Razoreater/ Iced Out/ Corrupt Moral Altar.Click the above link to download the track.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Backwards Mermaid

Images of  large character piece -  in emulsion and spray paint  at Chorlton free wall  on the afternoon Saturday 23rd. Or as its affectionately known the 'shit muncher'.Its an image of Dog-man fucking a backwards mermaid whilst on its i-phone.I can't explain what motivated me to do it other than i need the practice of painting.I try to not think to much about what to paint and just start. Thinking about what you make before you make is daft, Jon Cage will tell you that. Backwards mermaids however are a recurring thought in my head.It'd be grand if legends, cartoons and  disney films pictured a fish's top half and female humans lower body.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

test strip

A4- 12 panel drawing in 0.1and 0.3 fine liner, originaly on fluorescent yellow paper, but I couldn't get colour to digitally produce well.Thats the cool thing about fluorescent colours

This is a short strip I gave to  my girlfriend.In truth its the first strip I have ever done.I am very much new to 'sequential art' as Will Eisner would put it.Not that I would want prescribe to art, or saying what I make is art.Ive not put this up to discuss that. Drawing events in frames gave me a completely different perspective on life. Suddenly I began to see whole periods of time or moods by a singular image that may just represent a thought or a feeling. Dabbling in trying to see everything as moments in time and space in frames, makes you interpret the world in a quiet staggered way.Fluidity is something that comes across with the engagement of the viewer and that is a really powerful thing.I haven't read many graphic novels but most of it I have managed to enjoy everything. Most of witch have been leant to me by my housemate James.This assumed on the idea that James who scoffed at me for 'liking everything' has no doubt sifted through some poo to get some gems.I recently finished 'Habibi' by Craig Thompson which blew my mind he also leant me Ken Dahl's - 'Monsters' which is currently lodged in a unreachable place behind the radiator in bathroom.I'd like to say that I am opposed to the read-poo-poo-read culture it claims countless casualties.Click the links for more information about the mentioned persons.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

elephants ..

I've been trying to complete a load of un-finished drawings this one of an elephant is A3 gonna, done in  0.3 fine liner.Photograph quality not all that great. Gonna place some sweet mandalas behind it .
Also check out this sweet link to medieval bestiary.

Monday, 3 December 2012


A few frames from my current animation .Unfortunately its not the entirety of the image.For idea of the whole image see previous post.I want it to appear like a mandala of flesh writhing an wriggling around is my intention.I thought it would be appropriate bit of animation for my new band 'OLD SKIN' we've got a song called 'Growth - Decay' which is available for free to DOWNLOAD from this website website layout done by Dom from Esoteric Youth & V-Revolution  associates. As a band were going for things we apreciate from  powerviolence, grind and straight up riff worship.Nothing you haven't heard before just lowsy lowsy noise.The lyrics cover the cyclical nature of the existence, the impact of humanities existence on the globe, and how the Gaia or something like it will cull our wretched species . The song is only a minute or so long so its almost perfect for a short bit of animation.I wanna get 24 frames per second but its gonna be tough but so worth it in the end.I've got ten frames down already it should be something for the winter months.If anyone has any ideas of what features to include in this mammoth task as i will need quiete a few i would love to hear from you.
                                            maker gif